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Dr Connie Lavoie - 2010-11-17


Dr Clement, I suffer from panic attacks and I do take medication nightly to help, but I still would have them, since I have been taking Trypto Mag Bís each night, I no longer am having panic attacks. It is wonderful.

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Dr Connie Lavoie
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Marble Falls, TX 78654

Alain Le Guillou MD - 2009-11-12


very good experience with Flu Terminator!

Yvonne P. - 2009-11-09


Arthroclem has been wonderfully effective for alleviating the arthritic pain in my hands. I've taken it now for about 6 months. I've actually been out of Arthroclem for several weeks and have remained pain free. I play the violin and the absence of pain is liberating. My husband is so impressed he wants to start taking it for his bad knees. Thanks for a product that genuinely works!

Margaret - 2009-11-06


Hello Dr. Clement I work in a Natural Health Store in Ontario Canada and have carried the Flu Terminator for about five years. I have used the Flu Terminator personally every year since and have had amazing results. At the first sign of any suspected virus, a tickle in the throat, a chill or runny nose, I take 10 drops and it is usually enough to stop the virus in its tracks. Only once in five years have I lost any time from work due to sickness and that is because I didn't take it soon enough. Every year I hear more stories from my customers about the effectiveness of The Terminator and we thank you for the genius behind this wonderful product!!

Andrew Mattson DC - 2008-11-06


My clients and myself have been beyond please with the products offered. From Omega 3 fish oils, greens, reds, and proteins my clients and I have seen great whole health improvement.

Peggie Heringart - 2006-10-05


As the flu season approaches I am reminded of how effective your Flu Terminator product has been for me. On 3 or 4 occasions, when I felt a cold coming on, a bit of a scratchy throat or achiness, I started with the Flu Terminator drops. They worked immediately.

Peggie Heringart - 2006-10-03


Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 18:28:09 EDT Subject: re flu terminator To: Dear Richard, As the flu season approaches I am reminded of how effective your Flu Terminator product has been for me. On 3 or 4 occasions, when I felt a cold coming on, a bit of a scratchy throat or achiness, I started with the Flu Terminator drops. They worked immediately. I used to reach for The Wellness Formula by Source Naturals. That works well if you begin them immediately, but the capsules are very large and not easy to swallow. Then I tried your product. It was amazing. Within a short time my symptoms disappeared. On one occasion, when my husband was sick with a cold/flu, I continued with the drops daily for 2 weeks as a precaution. When I then stopped, I noticed a bit of a cough or what would have been the end symptoms of the flu. (My experience with flu is the initial horrible achiness, sore throat, headache, tireness which then may or may not become the runny nose and stuffiness, then a bit of clearing but a week long cough before it is all over.) It was as though my body went through the 2 weeks without symptoms, I was feeling fine, but when I stopped the drops, what would have been the next 3rd week stage showed up. I don't know if that makes sense, but it was a memory to me that I found most curious.

Martha Hart LMT Nevis West Indies - 2004-07-19


I can not speak for anyone else as yet but I for one absolutley love the stuff , feel more complete, stronger, more energy that sort of thing.

Tom Sandiford - 2004-03-21


I never believed Homeopathy could work until I used Be Well Stress.
It makes me feel relax within one hour and I do not feel tired or groggy.

Liz Acupuncture Student - 2003-08-20


I Lost 7 pounds with Be Well Reduce.

Mercedes Pare Homeopath Montreal - 2003-05-23


I had some weight gain during my menopause and with REDUCE I was back to my normal shape in a couple of weeks.

Dr.Espinosa Cartagena Colombia - 2003-05-15


Lately I followed the weight in 3 patients taking REDUCE with no other treatment and they lost 10 pounds in 10 days... and they are feeling very well.

Bruce Wilkins LMT Naples Florida - 2003-03-27


I have been using your product Greens First and really feel the benefits and would like to pass that on to my clients. I am impressed with the results and how i feel. Thank You!!

Steven Chasens Lac - 2003-03-18


I had a patient with Migraine of several years duration, no treatment had helped her. She had some excellent relief with Be Well Headache Nasal Spray.

Dr. Ruggiano DC Miami - 2003-02-12


"I have used Arthroclem on several patients and a Family member, the results are impressive"

Dr. Czerwinski Lac Miami - 2003-02-12


"I had phenomenal results with a patient suffering from Fibromyalgia using Arthroclem"

Dr.Galle Washington DC - 2003-02-10


"I have excellent results with Be Well Menopause"

Dr.R. Brancaccio Dermatologist NYC - 2003-01-31


One of my friend was sea-sick during a sailing trip in Antigua. Sea-sik stopped the symptoms immediatly.

Dr.Santucci Lac Del Ray Florida - 2003-01-10


Arthroclem: My grandfther has suffered with arthritis and severe knee pain for several years, and has gotten some temporary relief using other formulas. After less that 2 weeks on Arthroclem, he called to tell that nothing he has taken before has ever worked as well or as quickly. After 2 months, he is completely pain free

Dr. Michael J. Falla - 2002-12-17


I`ve used GREENS FIRST for a few months now and noted an increase in endurance with my training. (I`m a late starter tri-athlete) I love mixing Greens First with OJ in the morning. It`s a good kick start for the day.....Dr. Michael J. Failla Milford, PA

J. Palumberi Delray FLorida - 2002-12-11


"The Greesn First gives me good energy and with Reduce I do not crave sugars"

Babette Teno LA California - 2002-12-09


"Used Sea-sik oral spray during a cruise for me and my family, none of us had any seasickness"

Simone Speyer P.T., A.P., D.N.B., Dr.Ac - 2002-11-25


"Here are the testimonies of some of my clients using your Reduce formula. " 1 . "I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks that's with a little cheating" 2. " I find I am not as hungry so I am eating less, I'm less bloated, I feel great " 3. " My Dr. said it was safe for me because there was no ingredients that increased my heart rate " I can't keep up with the demand, I order the product word has spread and I have to reorder the product, it truely is wonderful. Take care Dr. Simone Speyer, P.T.,A.P.,D.N.B.H.E.,Dr.Ac

Kathy Acquistapace DC California - 2002-11-25


"Dr.Clement. I have used a lot of homeopathic products over the years, and I must say that your are exceptional. They reaaly works!!! Congratulations and keep up with the good work!! I will continue to order all the homeopathic products from you and your company. Thank you, Kathy Acquistapace DC"

J. GoldBerg - 2002-11-24


Great site and fast shipping. Products are awesome.

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