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Be Well Flu Terminator Tablets

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Flu Terminator®: a combination of Homeopathic substances indicated for the Flu Symptoms.

Headache, Chills, Fatigue, Fever, Body Ache are common symptoms of the Flu, the carefully selected homeopathic substances of Flu Terminator are based on the Homeopathic literature and clinical experience.

The broad spectrum formula contains 10 safe and effective substances approved by the Homeopathic Pharmacopea Compendium of the United States (Hpcus). Flu Terminator® is registered with the FDA NDC number 66492-001-02.

Dosage: Take ten drops several times daily at the onset of the Flu sublingually.

Flu Terminator® is cheaper than most of the other Homeopathic Flu formulas and has been sold for the past four years in North, Central , South America and the Caribbean with excellent patient and physician satisfaction.

Be Well™ Flu Terminator contains 10 ingredients

  1. Gelsemium 3X (a dilution of Yellow Jasmine)Influenza,fever, chills
  2. Zincum Gluconicum 3X (a dilution of Zinc Gluconicum)Flu, fever.
  3. Zincum Metallicum 3X (a dilution of Zinc Metallicum)Flu,fever
  4. Aconitum napelus 4X (a dilution of Monkshood)Infuenza, fever, inflammation
  5. Eupatorium perfoliatum 4X (a dilution of Thoroughwort)Influenza,coryza,fever
  6. Sulphur 4X (Dilution of the mineral Sulfur)Fever, Cold
  7. Phosphorus 5X (Dilution of Phosphorus)Fever, Cold, Chills
  8. Asclepias vincetoxicum 6X (Dilution of vincetoxicum)Antiviral
  9. Influenzinum 12X ( a safe dilution of the inactivated ans sterilized virus of influenza)Fever, Flu, Viral infection.
  10. Anas barbariae hepatis and cordis extractum 200 K (The ingredient of OscollicocinumTM the leading product of the Boiron Laboratories) indicated for flu and fever.

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